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Socialist MEP Urges EU to Tame 'Authoritarian' Govt in Bulgaria


The European Union must have "a mechanism to terminate the authoritarian trends in its member states", Socialist Bulgarian MEP Kristian Vigenin told the European Parliament.

Vigenin's statement at the EP on Tuesday came as part of his criticism of the government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the ruling center-right GERB party in Bulgaria which he accused of restoring authoritarianism.
According to Vigenin, the Borisov Cabinet is to blame for grave election manipulations, total control over the media, and even interrogation of singers over their songs.
"The small and medium-sized enterprises [in Bulgaria] are being deliberately stifled, the private monopolies are being encouraged, and the state has established total political control over them. The business gets redistributed in a criminal fashion in accordance with the best traditions of the mafia vested with political authority," the Bulgarian Socialist MEP stated in his description of Bulgaria under Borisov; his statement to the EP was published on his website.
He urged the other MEPs to recall the importance of protecting the European principles in the EU's relations with third countries, and drew a parallel with the situation in Bulgaria.
"We often adopt merciless resolutions about the sins of a certain regime. But our words have no value if we shut our eyes to the problems in our own home," Vigenin said.
"The Bulgarian citizens have been pushed into a creeping restoration of authoritarianism," he elaborated, while still expressing his belief that "democracy will prevail" in Bulgaria, and stressing the need for European solidarity.
IPA funds for aspiring countries
The candidate status will not be anymore a condition for the approach of the aspiring countries to the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, IPA, offered by the European Commission.
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